The New album, “Midas Rise”. Out Now.

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Corner Baby. The third single from the forthcoming album, “Midas Rise”. Out Now.
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Mango Hill. The second single from the forthcoming album, “Midas Rise”. Out Now.
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The Silver Salute. The first single from the forthcoming album, “Midas Rise”. Out Now.
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About Joseph Ruddleston

Joseph Ruddleston is an Indie Folk singer-songwriter, creating songs of heart-breaking humility.

His music is the belief that honesty and vulnerability is what it takes to connect with people. When a writer’s defence is down, the inspiration takes its place. Whether on a sole acoustic guitar in a small, dimly lit room or with a 10-piece full band setup, the song should tell a truth, it should mean something to someone.

Growing up listening to Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley, Joseph Ruddleston has found a place with the intimate singer-songwriters, giving everything towards his songs. Since graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts in 2011, he has explored countless paths as an artist. In November 2013, his debut album, Into Embers, was the first step in establishing his personal sound. With eight distinctly unique tracks on the album, the style settled neatly on the edge of Folk. “Freak-folk”.

In 2013, Joseph continued to write song after song, determined to develop ever further as an independent artist, learning as much as he possibly could about the art. In January 2014, the determination led him to write a French song, Adieu, which was featured in the Emmy Award-winning variety show, HitRECord on TV, directed and hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. With this momentum, Joseph has launched himself into the international eye, being featured on the US chat show, CONAN, in December 2014 and releasing his single All The King’s Memories on January 1st 2015.

Joseph Ruddleston
Joseph RuddlestonWednesday, September 28th, 2016 at 11:59am

I'm thankful for so many people quite often. But right about now, I'm especially thankful to those who were at The Bowery Electric with me and my beautiful band on Monday.
The music of the night was superb. Vessna Scheff & Koof Ibi Umoren got me mellowed, and Johan Coppers shook my soul.
The crowd was kind and the spirit was high. The limelight never felt so warming.
Thankful to my band kids. Robert J. Mills, Oskar Häggdahl, Lexi Scherr, Jerzy Jung and Mike Herscher. aka #therewillberud. Such talented, humble, cheeky artists.


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Joseph Ruddleston
Joseph RuddlestonMonday, September 26th, 2016 at 6:08am

Tonight in New York City, we're at The Bowery Electric Map Room from 8pm. I'll be the one howling and squinting onstage. Joined by Jerzy Jung, Lexi Scherr, Robert J. Mills, Oskar Häggdahl and Mike Herscher. Come howl along!

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